[Mag TRANS] Hyoyeon in HK part I

Top left pix (Feeding Ice Cream)
Hyoyeon and boyfriend (right in pix) and Mr K (Tyler) went shopping after viewing the renovation works in Tyler’s new office on the 27th floor of IFC. Hyoyeon bought ice cream and fed her boyfriend a mouthful.

Top right pix (Enjoying Vietnamese food)
Other than providing accommodation for Hyoyeon, Tyler brought them to Central to try Vietnamese food after shopping at IFC.

Bottom left pix 
Gillian brought her boyfriend, Tyler, to attend EEG’s dinner in March. Hyoyeon was invited by Tyler, and went on stage to cheers. Gillian, on the other hand, looks like a “passerby”.

Bottom right pix
Hyoyeon was really into shopping that day. They walked from IFC to Pacific Place, then to Queensway Plaza’s Lab Concept. Tyler and her boyfriend sat there and waited patiently for Hyoyeon who was shopping for shoes.

Part II. left pix
Leaving Lab Concept after getting her shoes, someone realized Hyoyeon is a superstar and requested for an autograph which Hyoyeon agreed. Aside from helping Hyoyeon to carry her shopping bag, her boyfriend quickly walked away to create space for her.

Some not in part I added as below:
As stunning/beautiful/attractive as SNSD are, their love lives have always been low key. Hyoyeon have also disclosed that she has dated twice. And this new boyfriend of hers, is a model from Korea. Some Korean fans have seen him sending Hyoyeon to work.

Although there isnt any PDA, but there is definitely chemistry between them, tacit partners. This is one scene you probably can’t see in Korea. 

Part III. Sweetly touring HK
Left top pix
After HK, Hyoyeon’s next stop is Thailand. Photos were posted online and the guy in cap is suspected to be her boyfriend who was in HK with her.

Left bottom pix
Hyoyeon wanted to remove her jacket (i think) when she was crossing the road as the weather is hot, her boyfriend attentively helped her. 

Right pix
With no managers with her, Hyoyeon freely went on dates with her new love interest. Surprisingly, they didnt get lost despite walking from Central to Admiralty, it does seems that they are very familiar with HK. Although they did not hold hands, her new love interest did occasionally used his hands n lightly touched Hyoyeon.

part III.2 *summarize*
With Dispatch releasing artistes dating, Korea seemed to have started some “trends”. Like SNSD who have started on their breaks at some countries and Hyoyeon came HK with her model boyfriend.

According to source, Hyoyeon and Tyler knew each other as they both liked clubbing and they clicked like old friends. And for her this 4D3N trip in HK, Tyler not only provided accomodation for Hyoyeon and her boyfriend, but also brought her around for good food. 

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